Is an Analysis of What Is Currently Happening in the Uk Food Retailing Sector.

Topics: Retailing, Sainsbury's, Asda Pages: 9 (3753 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Task 1: Annotated bibliography:
Leroux M. Food Retail Sector Overview. (The Times) Available from: [Accessed 25th October 2012]
This article is an item from an online newspaper. It was written by M. Leroux, In this article Leroux provides samples of supermarkets such as, Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, Asda’s and Morrison’s that have matured, inspired and bought confidence to the corporate market. These 4 businesses regulate more than 3 quarters of the market. Leroux briefly indicates that if these supermarkets keep on expanding the market will not be able to sustain. This increase in market could lead to oversupply which then results to price war. This article points out that the expansion of these retail stores can be a negative aspect to the market causing scrutiny with the suppliers, also I believe that the competition between these supermarkets would be stiff and results to many smaller stores closing down. Julius M. (August 2011) UK food retailer shares looks tastier than thought. (Online) Available from: [Accessed 21st October 2012] This is from an online financial newspaper written by Max Julius. The data in this article shows that more Britons are changing to lower-priced stores such as Lidl and Aldi. According to the analysts at Oriel Securities market has been continually reducing the segment over the last 18 months, but belief that the assessment have now found a level at which they are discounting too much bad news. Judging by the way food prices have risen, many shoppers would result to shop in cheaper stores as stated above. Gladding N. (August 2011) Discounts retail rise in the UK (Online). Available from: [Accessed 26th October 2012] This is an article written by Nick Gladding as senior business analyst from IGD. Here Gladding explores the rising fame of the big retailers and look at the chances their progress presents to contractors. Gladding analyses that many supermarkets decide to respond to promotions and strong value messages to attract more customers. Due to the current economic problem and the rising cost of products many shoppers look and thrive for value – meaning products that are cheap. Petrol, electricity and gas prices have increased which causes many people to not spend so much however; supermarkets seem to be take on board the current economic crisis and are driven not just by discount but have advanced by wider things such as the inviting store environment, a fresh offer, and private label products. Smithers R. (January 2012) UK retailers fail to meet food and packaging waste pledges (the guardian). Available from: [Accessed 20th October 2012] This article is from a newspaper written by Smithers R. It illustrates how the supermarkets were unsuccessful to initiate and cut back on ‘supply chain food and packaging waste’, with many of fruit and vegetables, milk and yoghurt disposed of every year, after being excluded for being the wrong shape, size or standard. In my opinion this is an absolute waste of products because they pay the suppliers to bring quality food and as a result throw the ones that was the wrong shape. This is has a negative impact with the environment, however supermarkets like Morrison’s use this as an advantage e.g. they sell ‘smaller potatoes as baby roasters, and those with skin blemishes or odd shapes in value packs’. Smithers R. And Harvey F. (2012) Food prices: 'Bread, coffee and fresh fruit have become a bit of a luxury' (The Guardian). [Online] Available from: [Accessed 29th October 2012] This online article was produced for the everyday reader that has an interest in...
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