Iraq War

Topics: Iraq War, United States, 2003 invasion of Iraq Pages: 5 (1764 words) Published: December 12, 2012
The U.S. War on Iraq
Sam King

Sam King
U.S. History 2
Professor Christoforo

When the allied troops returned home after WWII with the enemy vanquished and liberty on the rise, the United States of America entered into its most prolific and expansive years in history and suddenly found themselves at the head of the world table. Times of trouble were resolved with us on the frontlines doing whatever was necessary. Its identity as the land of liberty, the beacon of hope, was established long before but hadn’t been exemplified. People read about the glorious days of the Revolution when the common man united to overthrow tyranny and bring freedom to the world in the face of oppression, but those stories were starting to seem a bit dated. When we demonstrated the power of the American will, and fought a two-front war with international super powers to stop the onslaught of fascism and communism we showed the world the true power of a government by the people and for the people. Though logical, it’s unfortunate for us that such a tremendous high point had to be followed by an equal low. That respect that our fathers and grandfathers earned us throughout their hard-working lives has all but dried up. For the past eight years the conduct of the United States Government has been laughable to the outside world and downright frightful for those of us within. “In the view of much of the world, the United States has played the role of bully in the school yard, throwing its weight around with little regard for others' interests.”(Global Public Opinion) We have been trying to expand our role as the global police force; all while loosing money funding our own troops as well as the insurgents we’re fighting. We’re making enemies and losing friends at an astonishingly uneven rate. We stripped the credibility of the United Nations with the invasion of Iraq and exposed our own incompetence with the occupation. We’ve ignored decades of research on climate change and encouraged energy practices that strengthen our enemies while creating scores of uncertainties for our own future. September 11th exposed a weakness in the system and in a rush of paranoia we tried to rewrite all the laws and eradicate all the terrorists of the world. We encased our embassies in walls of concrete and rather than welcoming visitors; made them walk through a series of security devices and eyed their activities if they looked different then us (Friedman). It’s easy to attribute to this shift in attitude to President Bush and the men he assembled to help him run the country, however it is reflective a much greater problem within our society and thus will require a much more comprehensive solution. Most will agree that a reputation is much easier to destroy than it is to restore but that can’t be our thinking going into this revival. America’s two major problems that have alienated us from the rest of the world are the Kyoto Protocol and our response to the overwhelming evidence supporting man made of climate change, and obviously the Iraq War and the way we’ve handled ourselves as the global law enforcer. Fortunately for Americans, it seems that the general population has noticed this shift in public opinion around the globe and has started to recognize the changes that will be necessary in response. America has become a population of decent individuals who believe in freedom and justice and for the most part try to do the right thing. Small town America is filled with selfless individuals who aren’t looking to get rich and don’t see things in terms of finances. They volunteer in their communities and help out those in need. These are the kind of people who return things like wallets and cell phones when they’re found or might tell you if they saw you drop them. The problem is that our Government isn’t representative of this attitude and operates on a completely different set of greedy principles. They have adopted the mannerisms of...
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