Iranian Nuclear Weapon

Topics: United Arab Emirates, Persian Gulf, Nuclear weapon Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: December 20, 2012
The Impact of an Iranian Nuclear Weapon on The Arabian Gulf Region

Iran's possession of nuclear weapons constitutes a risk to the Gulf region, including:

A - A threat to regional stability in the Gulf region:
Undoubtedly that Iran's possession of nuclear weapons would affect the stability of the Gulf region from both sides:

First: devote the existing imbalance in the balance of power. The second is: the possibility of a military conflict between Iran and the concerned parties to the nuclear issue reflected its impact on the region.

B - Difficult to reach a common formula for the security of the Gulf: Effects that are important to Iran's possession of a nuclear weapon difficult to reach a common formula for the security of the Gulf, Iran demands always to have a role in the security arrangements for the region from the Gulf security is the responsibility of the state, which is inconsistent with the vision the six GCC countries to the issue, which sees foreign presence is an important factor to ensure their security, that Iran's insistence on nuclear weapons would hamper the possibility to find a formula that future security to the security of the Gulf and so for several reasons:

1 - The possibility of a nuclear arms race not only in the Gulf region but also in the whole Arab region. 2 - Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in its quest to establish a joint security formula in Gulf must get international guarantees. 3 - Iran's possession of nuclear weapons would undermine all the steps of the Gulf and Iranian sides and good neighborly targeted.

C - The direct environmental impacts:
Iran may seek to accomplish and complete its nuclear weapons depending on the machines less secure nuclear, and then become the Gulf states in the range of danger if what happened to leak.

D - A dilemma Gulf states in the event of war:
In light of the possibility of war against Iran, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) will face a real dilemma on different levels.

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