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Topics: Political philosophy, Republic, Liberalism Pages: 4 (1091 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Doyle, M. ‘Liberalism and World Politics’, American Political Science Review, 1986, vol. 80(4), pp. 1151-69

Article Review

17th October 2011.

Doyle, M. ‘Liberalism and World Politics’, American Political Science Review, 1986, vol. 80(4), pp. 1151-69

Michael Doyle, author of this article was one of the first IR theorists in modern era to analyze the assumptions on liberal peace focusing mainly on Kant’s idea. The John Hopkins University published this article in 1986. In this paper I will summarize the article and give analysis on key points that drive the main arguments in the article. I will highlight on the strengths and weaknesses of the article. Doyle in this article tries to reexamine the traditional liberal claim that governments founded on a respect for individual liberty exercise restraint he tries to explain this by focusing on three different liberal theorists; Schumpeter, Machiavelli, and Kant. He looked into Schumpeter’s explanation of liberal pacifism, Machiavelli’s idea of liberal imperialism and Kant’s liberal internationalism (Doyle, 1986:1151). These three theories embody different views of the nature of the human being, the state and international relations (Doyle, 1986:1162). Doyle explores three traditions of liberal theory. He points out that although there is that while there is some conflict between liberal pacifism and liberal imperialism, there is still a standard notion that all liberals believe in regards to foreign affairs. This is based on Kant’s framework of liberal assumption. This is the belief that liberal states are “different and peaceful, they are also prone to make war and have created a separate peace and would discover liberal reasons for aggression”. ((Doyle, 1986:1151). Schumpeter’s liberal pacifism deals with the interaction of capitalism...
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