iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S II

Topics: Pixel, Mobile phone, Display resolution Pages: 1 (426 words) Published: April 30, 2012
Number One Smartphone On the Market
Choosing the best smartphone can be a tough task nowadays. With so many brands, features, and advertisements, making the right decision can be confusing. Do not let the commercials steer you if you have not conducted your own research. The top of the line phones as of 2012 are the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S II. The iPhone 4S clearly surpasses the Samsung Galaxy SII due to the display graphics, memory, and camera quality. One of the most important features is the display graphics. The more pixels present in the screen, the better quality picture you receive. The Samsung Galaxy S II has an impressive 480 by 800 pixel screen. While 480 by 800 is a high definition, the iPhone 4S beats its competition with a whopping 640 by 960 pixels on its screen. 160 more pixels in each direction is definitely something to brag about. Memory is an essential component in finding the best smartphone as well. Your memory determines how many songs, apps, pictures, and videos can be stored on the phone. The S II only offers one internal storage option, sixteen gigabytes, with a Micro-SD external storage option of up to thirty two gigabytes. Although that seems acceptable it can cost you an extra seventy five dollars. The 4S comes with several internal storage options, sixteen, thirty two, and sixty four gigabytes. Expanded internal memory saves you from having to worry about losing the eleven by fifteen millimeter Micro-SD chip. The number one factor in choosing a smartphone is the camera. The Galaxy S II has an eight megapixel camera on the rear of it and a .3 megapixel camera on the front. As far as the camcorder feature the S II only has twenty five frames per second but still produces 1080 pixel videos which are high definition. The iPhone 4S demolishes Samsung with a remarkable ten megapixel camera on the rear end with an LED flash. The front of the 4S beats the S II as well with a two megapixel camera. Recording features are even better...
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