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The Impact of the 2010 IOM Report on the Future of Nursing
Nursing has evolved so much from its original intent. Nurses progressed from being classified as disorderlies to a well respected name in the health profession. However, even though nursing has come a long way, there are still more changes to come in relation to the shift of focus of healthcare from acute care to community health. As the US population continues to become diversified, nursing too will require adjustments to the ever-changing population. The health care system is now reforming to a prevention rather than cure model. With changes in the healthcare system and the population, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) developed a report depicting the need for nursing to be transformed in the areas of practice, education and leadership. I believe this report will have a strong impact on the future of nursing as it relates to expanding practice, furthering education and demonstrating leadership, all of which will enable a nurse to work at the maximum potential within their scope.

Transforming the practice of nursing will be beneficial in its future. It will enhance quality, promote health, prevent illness, and care for people of all ages and ethnicities. One concept involved in this transformation, is providing patient-centered care in all aspects. The IOM report refers to this as nurse guided care. “The nurse providing guided care offers eight services: assessment; planning care; monitoring; coaching; chronic disease self-management; educating and supporting caregivers; coordinating transitions between providers and sites of care; and facilitating access to community services, such as Meals-on-Wheels, transportation services, and senior centers.” (IOM, 2010, p.95) This is holistic approach enables the nurse to remain as the constant and provide a level of continuity of care throughout the entire process. Another concept involves Nurse Practitioners (NP) providing primary care services to the...
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