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Topics: Holden VT Commodore, Holden Caulfield, Holden VS Commodore Pages: 7 (861 words) Published: January 26, 2013
IOC Study Guide
IB English HL 1 – Ferrara

What works will be included on the IOC?
• The Fire Next Time
• Poetry of Sylvia Plath
▪ Cinderella
▪ The Colossus
▪ Stillborn
▪ The Moon and the Yew Tree
▪ Daddy (extract)
▪ Medusa
▪ Cut
▪ Lady Lazarus (extract)
• Pride and Prejudice
• Hamlet

What will the extract be like?
• Length: 25 – 40 lines
o Lines will be numbered (5, 10, 15, etc.)
• No page numbers or book titles
• No author listed (you should know this)
• Will be accompanied by two guiding questions (GQ)
o One GQ relates to content
o One GQ relates to technique
o You are not required to answer the GQ, but they could be helpful

How long will I have for the IOC?
• Preparation time – 20 minutes
o Read and annotate (10 minutes)
o Create outline – use line numbers from extract to find your place (color code!) (10 minutes) • Presentation time – 13 – 15 minutes
o You talk uninterrupted for 10 – 12 minutes **10 is the magic number for your own uninterrupted commentary o I ask follow-up questions for 2 – 4 minutes

Fact Sheet for Part 2 Works
Example – The Catcher in the Rye
Note: Catcher will NOT be on the IOC; this is just a sample!

|Category |Example From Text | |Name of Work |The Catcher in the Rye | |Genre (autobiography, poetry, drama, novel) |Novel | |Author |J.D. Salinger | |Author’s dates and places of birth and death |B: Jan. 1, 1919, Manhattan, NY | | |D: n/a – lives as recluse in NH | |Publication Date |1951 | |Cultural/social/historical context |post-war era, rebelling against tradition | | |disillusioned with phoniness of society | | |Salinger had PTSS after WWII | |Type of story |Bildungsroman (coming of age story) | |Point of view/narrator |First person point of view, Holden Caulfied is narrator | |Major symbols and what they may represent |Red hunting hat – security blanket, escape, stand out | | |Ducks on the pond – innocence | |Major characters (brief description of each) |Holden Caulfield - protagonist and narrator; teenager, searching for identity | | |Allie Caulfield – Holden’s brother, died three years prior to story, had profound effect on | | |Holden | | |Phoebe Caulfield – Holden’s younger sister; ironic because she acts older and more...
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