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Morgan Stanley

Team Paper Analysis

Investment Banking

December 15, 2009


Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Company overview
3. History and Development of the company’s business development 4. Recent Business Developments
5. Mission and vision statement
5.1 Mission statement
5.2 Vision
6. Core business and services offered
7. Market analysis
1. Target market
2. Competitors
8. Financial analysis
8.1 Highlights – First Half 2009
8.2 Overview of financial situation
9. SWOT analysis.
9.1. Strength and weakness analysis (internal factors) 9.2. Opportunities and threats analysis (External forces) 10. Global Issues
11. Company’s strategy
12. Regulations
13. Conclusion and recommendation


Most leading economists have called the global financial crisis that started in the middle of 2007 with a collapse the US sub-prime mortgage market and the reversal of the housing boom in industrialized economies, “the worst financial meltdown since the great depression of 1921”. The falling of stock market and the collapse of large financial institutions has made other weaknesses in the global financial system to surface. The reaction of governments worldwide did not wait. Varieties of approaches to rescue the financial sector, in which people have lost confidence, were adopted.

In US, the government believed that solutions to the crisis reside in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Kennard 2009), and Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (Nygard & Al 2009) that in the bailout of “too big to fail and too broad and complicated to survive without significant help from the government” (the new book by Deal Book Andrew Ross Sorkin) companies, such as AIG, Bank of America, and Citigroup. The government also believed that a creation of a more regulated financial system would prevent such a crisis in the future. Nevertheless, bailed out or not, 2009 has become a year for financial companies that have survived the economic tumult of the last several months, to reiterate their presence and to emphasize their stability and their value to current and potential clients (Braverman, 2009).

Morgan Stanley survived without government assistance thanks to a resistance to the tendency to respond emotionally to the crisis by making poor financial decisions. It is the reason why, when asked by CNBC, Dennis Gartman, founder of the Gartman Letter told the CNBC that the Morgan Stanley will not disappear, and will be viable businesses. The restructure of the company and the decision to become traditional bank holding companies regulated by the Federal Reserve (Dolbeck, Andrew, Sep 2008), rang the bell of another era in of the financial system.

2.Company overview

Morgan Stanley is a global financial services firm that provides its products and services to a large and diversified group of clients and customers, including corporations, governments, financial institutions and individuals, through its subsidiaries and affiliates, financial institutions and individuals. Originally incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware in 1981 (MS report 2008). The company operates in three primary business segments: institutional securities, global wealth management group and asset management. MS conducts its business from its headquarters in New York City, its regional offices and branches throughout the U.S., and its principal offices in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and other world financial centers. November 30, 2008, Morgan Stanley had 46,964 employees worldwide (MS, report 2008).

3. History and Development of the company’s business development

A brief review of Morgan Stanley’s history shows its strong market presence in investment banking and other business field such as...
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