Topics: Culture, Globalization, Western culture Pages: 3 (878 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Is Globalization A Good Thing?

With globalization rapidly expanding it is on the mind of people around the world more than ever. Some of the main topics of globalization include topics such as, its effect on the social value system, the positive and negative effects on the concept of globalization and what it can contribute to the world. Also, what happens when a non-indigenous value structure is introduced, and how it can affect one’s identity?  The effects of a globalized social value system have been in great debate over the past few years with each person bringing his or her agenda or point of view on what globalization will have on their particular culture. Though there are dozens of effects globalization can have, there are two important issues that are constantly brought up. First, there are people who worry about denying or even losing their family traditions if they accept it and other people who see great benefit in bringing globalization into their culture, and the benefits it will have on their community. But some effects stand true for most such as: the risk of losing one’s cultural identity and independence, and hostility to interact with certain cultures and people around the world. Among the positive it can encourage mutual understanding, that we as people are not that different from one another and better communication politically, economically, academically.                                             In the local society when a non-indigenous value structure is introduced it can be met with resentment and hostility or a surprisingly warm reception people depending what exactly is introduced. For example, music and technology are usually welcomed because it’s for the benefit of all people when used with genuine good intentions and not as a way to make money or expand territory. Other times resentment can be so deeply seeded that even the slightest feeling of a value structure change that is unknown to them can cause moral and political...
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