Investigatory Project in Physics

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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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Investigatory Project
Physics 4

The Use of Saba Banana (Musa balbisiana) as an Organic Liquid Detergent 1. Topic Proposal
* Topic: Banana Peel Liquid Detergent
* Objectives:
1. To help Earth reduce wastes
2. To promote an eco-friendly detergent to everyone
3. Engage people to save the Earth even in simple ways
4. Provide sanitation to people
5. Letting people have detergent that fits their budget
I. Introduction
* As a well-known fact, waste products are very harmful to the environment. Having no concern regarding the earth's subsequent and harmful transformation may lead to a traumatic scene which is merely brought by our own ignorance. The initial step to avoid this is to recycle and by all means, creating a valuable stuff out of garbage. We came up with the idea of turning banana peels into liquid detergent. Banana peels can't be recycled because they rot eventually. The extraction of mixed fatty acids from the banana peels would be the most essential part of making the detergent. There are no specific requirements regarding the raw material. Any kind or size will do. With the simple process of preparation and convenient operation, the invention will be a success thus, suitable for industrial production. Moreover, the invention is also suitable for wide popularization and application.

II. Significance of the Study
* First and foremost, the relevance of this research is that it answers some of society's sanitation problems. According to recent studies, 64% of Filipinos eat without proper sterilization of the things they use to eat with. And 57% of Luzon doesn't have access to efficient detergent to use. With that as our basis, we can conclude that in order to attain proper nutrition, we need to ensure a healthy eating environment. With our investigatory project, we can now provide the public with an alternative which addresses half of the nation's problem. Our...
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