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Topics: Banana, Vitamin C, Bananadine Pages: 5 (1193 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Production of Vinegar from Banana Peelings

Cadavero, Lady Shernalyn
Ermogino, Aileen
Fadriquela, Charisse
Fausto, Rhenzel Aivy
Reyes, Mharvie Joy
Sistoso, Rowena
Tepace, Myla


Approved by:
Ms. Jeanette “Jhaye” Tuballes


Nowadays, one of the major problems not only in the Philippines but all over the world is how to turn a waste material into a new and useful product. Because there are garbage, garbage everywhere! These are mostly from production companies like us (referring to Banana Production Company) which are obviously destroying our mother earth. Since this is a banana ketchup production company, mostly our wastes would probably “the banana peels”. Although it can be used as fertilizers on our banana plants, we think of another way to invest more income and let the banana peel “lives” here on earth be worth living. And that beneficial idea is so called “banana peel vinegar” although it sounds impossible, there is already a feasibility study about this, but still not seen in the market. And so we came up with an idea to let this production company to be the first ever selling vinegar made from banana peeling which we’ll called B. Peel V.


Musaceae musa or also known as banana plants, is fast growing herbaceous perennials arising from underground rhizomes. The banana is a great nutritional value. It contains vitamin c- 8 mg and a high grade protein, which include 3 of the essentials amino acids. Ripe banana is useful in acidity. Heartburns resulting from consumption of tea may be neutralized. It has a total amount of 10.738 mg of vitamin C or ascorbic acid.

Banana plant or plantation is abundant in the Philippines. The banana plant also contains a big amount of acids. Then we could make use of the banana peelings as an alternative source of vinegar.

Banana peel contains medical properties and hence can be used for different purposes. The banana peel contains antibiotic as well as anti-fungal properties. It is protected with fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Three qualities of banana peel vinegar production which make it environmentally preferable are:

a. ore utilization of banana peel as input makes a good use of an abundant agricultural cost b. the reuse of production waste materials, i.e., banana peels, supplementary feeds for animas like hogs or as organic fertilizer, results in a pollutant discharges; and c. The safeness of the product in food because it has no chemical content which is detrimental to human health. Banana peel vinegar production will raise employment level and income of the rural poor as well as increases returns from the stall-scale banana industry in the country side.

Banana peel vinegar making is a venture which requires low initial capital because of expensive equipment and raw materials needed. It indicates that a commercial production is highly profitable.


Selling a new product in market wouldn’t be that easy. But there are a lot of options on how you’ll let the people be aware of our new product. First our supervisor chose 8-10 good performing employees in our company to work for our new product and exchange for that are extra income and another profit for our company; through this we can minimize our expenses unlike paying other person or group to make our product. Next thing is conducting a survey and ask few questions regarding the product just like how it taste, how it is packed and if they’ve noticed that it came from banana peel. We would also get their opinions of how much is their expected suggested retail price if it is already out in the market. In informing the people regarding the new product, internet is a great help, we post the photos and information on our blog and open it to the public. It follows printed flyers and posters that contain the whole summary of the product, where it came from and how much...
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