Investigatory Project

Topics: Moringa oleifera, Chili pepper, Fruit Pages: 13 (2165 words) Published: February 24, 2013
The Feasibility of Malunggay leaves (Moringa Oleifera) and Chili fruit ( Capsicum Frutescens) as Pesticide


Pesticide making is popular nowadays and it is also very helpful in our world in the field of agriculture. Thus many people continue to experiment pesticides to produce better quality and quantity. Pesticide can be applied to the treatment of an organism, such as a crop or ornamental plant, against damage by other plants, insects, fungi, or animals.

The researcher aims to produce pesticide out of malunggay leaves and chilli fruit which is known in our country. And is very useful to many people and also to have another alternatives of pesticide.

The process in making pesticide was quite difficult and simple. First are you had to prepare all the materials needed .Second get the extract of the malunggay leaves and chilli fruit. Next , mix the the extract of the malunggay leaves and chilli fruit. After that store the solution in 5-7 days and aging process will then be continue.

The data and observation gathered is clearly state that the malunggay leaves and chilli fruit as pesticide is easily be contaminated when aging and the researcher therefore conclude that the malunggay leaves and chili fruit is feasible in making pesticide.


Background of the Study:

The Pesticide is a broad term that refers to any device, method, or chemicals that kill plants or animals that compete for humanity’s food supply or are otherwise undesirable. A pesticide chemical can rarely be used as originally manufactured. The pesticide must be diluted with water, oil, air or chemically inactive solids so that it can be handled by application equipment and spreas evenly over the area to be treated. It includes cockroach killer.

Malunggay called “Malunggay” in the Phippines, “Sajina” in the Indian Subcontinent, and “Moringa” in English, it is a popular tree. It grows wildly in a hot tropical climate. Both the leaves and fruits are very nutritious, which contain many vitamins like Vitamin C and other minerals.

Chili, the name, which is spelled differently in many regions chili, chile and chilli. The term chili in most of the world refers exclusively to the smaller hot types of capsicum. It is a hot pepper. Even though chilis maybe though as vegetable, their culinary usage is, a generally spice, the part of the plant that is usually harvested is the fruit.

The researcher conducted the study to find out if the malunggay leaves and chilli fruit could be utilized as a pesticide. And determines the effect of malunggay leaves and chilli fruit to the cockroach.

Statement of the Problem:

This study lies to find out the feasibility of malunggay leaves and chilli fruit as pesticide.(cockroach killer).

1.Is there a difference on the effect of malunggay leaves and chilli fruit and the commercial pesticides in terms of:






There is no significant difference between the malunggay leaves and chilli fruit pesticide and the commercial pesticide.


There is significant difference between the malunggay leaves and chilli fruit pesticide to the commercial pesticide.

Significance of the Study:

Cockroaches are one of the pests in the country that carries bacteria to people. They give people diseases as well as it can harm and suffer from these diseases and causes death. So people must kill cockroach.

On the other hand malunggay leaves and chilli fruit is also a good source of pesticide like capsaicin, rubefacient, sulphur-containing amino acids and others. Hot chillies makes effective the pesticide and it helps.

Thus this study was conducted to utilize malunggay and chilli as necessary components to kill cockroach rather than just ignoring it.

Scope and Limitation:

The study was limited on what kind of pests will be used it is only the cockroach. It is also limited the...
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