Investigative Paper Causes of Suicide

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Yajayra Resendiz


Period 8


Investigative Paper

Introduction Paragraph

Suicide takes the lives of nearly 30,000 American’s every year. People may think that suicide is probably really ridiculous, or they may even think that suicide is your solution to their problems. There are many things that lead someone to commit suicide, which are mental illnesses, Drug abuse, and Alcohol abuse.

I. Mental illnesses

Most of the people that commit suicide have some sort of mental illnesses. But since those people are treated for those mental illnesses, those medications and people who pay close attention. They can help prevent someone from committing suicide. People should pay close attention to their love ones, or close friends that have any sort of mental illnesses, some examples of mental illnesses would be Depression, Anxiety, bipolar, or even schizophrenia. These people are at a higher risk. Depression makes a person feel very alone, makes you feel down; and a whole bunch of other negative emotions. Depression is also one of the most common causes of suicide. “Studies have shown that over 90 percent of people who die from suicide have one or more psychiatric disorders at the time at the time of their death.” ( People who have anxiety are also people who tend to commit suicide. Anxiety is a disorder that lots of people live with it’s also a very serious mental illness, people who have it are very panicky they worry a lot, they are also very fearful in their entire life. These things could drive a person to commit suicide them living paranoid almost there entire life. “People with an anxiety disorder are 6 to 10 times more likely than the general population to commit suicide.” ( People with Schizophrenia are really messed up in their minds. They think so many negative thoughts and so many things go through their minds. I’ve heard that people with...
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