Investigating Travel and Tourism

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Investigating travel and tourism industry

There are 8 main components of travel and tourism industry. They are : 1- Accommodation- this is the most important component in the travel and tourism industry. Accommodation may include hotels, guest-houses, lodging-houses, bed and breakfast, inns and motels. 2- Transport- a good transportation system is very important for a travel and tourism industry, whether people are on business, travelling for leisure or visiting friends and relatives. Transportation can be divided into road, rail, air and sea. 3- Attractions- this is the most important reason why people travel to a specific destination. There are both natural and man-made attractions. Among the natural attractions there are areas of National Parks, beaches, lake districts and beautiful landscapes. Man-made attractions include purpose built attractions such as theme parks, museums, heritage attractions, castles and etc… 4- Tour operations- these are the holiday companies that combines different parts of a holiday (airlines, accommodation, other travel services) into one package and sell them through travel agents or direct to the consumers. Tour operators are known to be the wholesales of the travel business. Types of tour operators are mass-market operators, specialist operators, domestic operators and incoming tour operators. 5- Travel agents- Travel agents sell transportation, lodging, and admission to entertainment activities to individuals and groups who are planning trips. They offer advice on destinations, plan trip itineraries, and make travel arrangements for clients. some of the famous travel agents in U.K are Thomson, Thomas cook, first choice and Barrhead travels. 6- Tourism development and promotion- tourism development and promotion are coordinated by the organizations in the public sector, such as tourist boards and local councils. The tourism developments refers to the all the activities that are related with providing needs of the tourist in a particular destination. Whereas the tourist promotion is all about how to promote a particular destination to the tourist so that there would be more visitors coming in to that destination. 7- Trade associations and regulatory bodies- these are the travel and tourism organizations in which members are privately owned. They represent the interest of companies operating in particular industries. The members are provided with set of rules through a code of practice. The key trade associations in travel and tourism are ABTA, THE TOURISM ALLIANCE, AITO, UKInbound. The British Hospitality Association and etc.. 8- Ancillary services- these are the extra services that a tourist need while they’re on vacation. These services include such as travel insurance, airport parking and money exchange

* Domestic tourism- when people go for one day or short trips within their own country. According to Youell (1998) domestic tourism is involving residents of the giving country travelling only within their own country. E.g. a family from London visiting many theme parks other attractions of Black pool. Some of the known tour operators for domestic tourism in United Kingdom are Alfa travel, Bonaventure Tours, Busybus and etc.

* When international visitors travel to a country other than their own, e.g. a couple from Russia visiting Maldives for their honeymoon is known as inbound tourism. Cox and Kings Travel and Kuoni are some famous inbound travel operators in United Kingdom and throughout the world.

* Outbound tourism is when residents from a country travelling to other country. E.g. a group of students from Manchester travels to New York for a field trip. They choose to visit other countries for number of reasons. Some of them are visiting their friends and relatives, for leisure, to learn more about the history and culture of the country they are visiting etc…

In travel tourism industry, all the...
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