Tour Operation

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The tour operation sectors

Tour operators are businesses that merge 2 or more travel services together e.g. accommodation, transport, tour guide, catering and sell them through travel agencies or directly to the consumers as a single product that is called package tour. The package tour might be the combination of services that the consumer wants to get her hand on. Customers chose tour operators rather than organising a holiday independently because it offers a hassle free, secure and most of all an inexpensive way of purchase a holiday.

Services → Tour operators → customers

Travel agents

There are different types of tour operators:
Specialist tour operators
The 4 mainstream tour operators in UK are Thomas cook, my travel, first choice and TUI. I am going to discuss in details about Thomas Cook to present my research.

Thomas Cook is one of the big tour operators that are selling product such as beach holidays. They are sold at very competitive price and its main stream destination are the Caribbean, the North African and progressively more in the south-east Asian destination like Malaysia, Thailand, Maldives, Mauritius. The operation of tour operators is to bring the sellers and buyers together. It’s either to make the existing market works and expand in the competitive world or to build up a new market. Overall it’s to satisfy customers needs in which ever ways the demand is for e.g. they might make a product out of individuals products and services that customers is not showing interest in.

The main operations of Thomas cook tour operator are:

To have full control on the demand and supply from both side •Carry high volumes of tourists
Make more developing countries a destination to more customers •Apply their marketing power to destination they operate
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