Investigating Special Education

Topics: Disability, Education in the United States, Educational psychology Pages: 5 (1134 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Candace Campbell
May 2, 2013
SPE-330 Special Education Foundations and Framework
Instructor: Mary Urich
Investigating Special Education Internet Resources
Table of Content
* Disabled Students Program
* National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability (NCWD) * OSERS-Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services * Team (START)
* The National Education Association (NEA)
* Special Needs Center
* Special Education Association
* National Center for Learning Disabilities
* Michigan Law Center
* The M.O.R.G.A.N Project
* American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
* SOS Children’s Village
* Stand-Up
* Special Education News
* Mission Valley Special Education Local Plan (SELPA)
1. Disabled Students Program
The DSP is committed to making sure all students with disabilities have equal education. The DSP offers a variety of services for disabled children. They have a Disability Specialist that identifies the disabled student’s personal needs. 2. National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability (NCWD)

Is a source for information about work and youth’s with disabilities. They are experts in employment, education, disabilities and the development of workforce and family issues. 3. OSERS-Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services

This is a main federal agency that supports training, applied research and development to improve the lives of people with disabilities. They are known for generating new knowledge and promoting and improving the disabled person’s ability to perform normal everyday task of their choice in a community setting. 4. Team (START) Special Needs Technology Assessment Resource Support

There is a lot of technology available today where students can learn to cope with their learning disabilities to use technology, programming team, the teacher should understand the nature of the different learning by diagnosis and assessments. This only works if the technology matches the student’s needs.(Annapolis Valley Regional School Board 1996) 5. The National Education Association (NEA)
The National Education Association supports a free, appropriate public education for all students with disabilities in a least restrictive environment, which is determined by maximum teacher and parent/guardian involvement. There must also be a full continuum of placement options, services, and delivery models available to students with disabilities. (National Education Association, 2002-2013). 6. Special Needs Center
This is a nonprofit organization that put teens and special needs people together to help them form a bond of friendship and they participate in many different weekly and seasonal programs. There are 25 weekly and seasonal programs. 7. Special Education Support Services (SESS)
SESS is approved by the Connecticut Department of Education Transition Program for students with intellectual disabilities. The program includes job explorations, daily living skills assessment & instruction, accessing community resources, social interactions and application of functional academics like budgeting the community and vocational assessments most students receive support in behavioral or social areas that have hindered them from growing and learning in the past (Justin Fox, Mentor) 8. National Center for Learning Disabilities
Your child has the right to a free and appropriate public school education. Getting involved in his or her education is among the most important things you can do as your child's advocate. As you'll see below, you have a right to be a part of every decision regarding your child's education, including the process of finding out if your child needs special services. You know your child best,...
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