Invasive Species

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Invasive Species Benefits
For centuries, invasive species have been recognized as a threat, torment, and even a nuisance to society. Invasive species are any species that is not native to a specific ecosystem (7). The majority of people believe that invasive species are harmful; causing economic damage, disrupting ecological food webs, and out competing native species for food and land. The benefits of invasive species are overlooked and tossed aside by many people. Invasive species have the ability to control other species populations/ problems in an ecosystem, create biodiversity, and help in testing for cures for diseases and illnesses.

Invasive species have been known to adapt to habitats and out- compete some native species. This can cause problems for an ecosystem and allow the invasive species to live and prosper in a habitat that is not meant for them. When a non- native species lives and reproduces in an area not meant for them, it can cause much harm to that ecosystem. In Australia, the cane toad is an invasive species that was introduced on purpose in the mid twentieth century. Now the cane toads have taken over many parts of Australia and out- competed native toads for food and land (2). Although invasive species have the ability to out- compete native species, they can help control populations of another species or problem that an ecosystem has. Some invasive species are actually introduces to an ecosystem to fix problems that could potentially be harmful to an ecosystem. In the late eighteen- hundreds, Kudzu, a plant, was introduced to the Southeastern United States to control erosion. The Kudzu helped stop erosion in many ecosystems and is now controlling this problem throughout many ecosystems in the United States (6). Invasive species have the ability to control problem or populations in an ecosystem. Invasive species, no matter where they are located, always cause some type of damage. Some of the time it is ecological but most of the time...
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