Invasive Species (Ap English Synthesis Essay 1)

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  • Published : April 14, 2011
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In many opinions, invasive species becoming introduced to a different environment is not deemed acceptable. With many situations incorporating these species, they are sought to be pests, only trying to make lives difficult for others. Many also have come to believe, from experience, that these insidious species cause harm to the environment of which they are newly exposed to. The businesses and/or government agencies that bring invasive species to a new environment must consider many measures before transferring and following through with brings the species forth to a new location. With careful considerations of transportation, other natural predators, the actual environment and the sole purpose, the business and/or government agency must vigilantly take into consideration the actions it is about to partake in. During the SARS outbreak in 2003, many became ill. According to Source B, 8,098 people throughout the world became sick, to an unknown source, 774 of which died. Finally, with precautionary measures, the US Department of Health and Human Services banned the import of civets. Civets, small catlike animals, were thought to be the main suppliers of the SARS disease. The more a person is exposed to the carriers of SARS, the more likely he or she is to become immune with it. (Dybas) The interaction the disease had with not only the carriers, but to another species, humans, and an international outbreak. How could something as small as a respiratory illness travel from continent to continent? Boats, planes, ships, and every other form of transportation of course. The greater the transportation, the higher the risk is for a spread of an unwanted disease, therefore why many cringe at the soul fact of invasive species introduced to new environments. Not only is transportation a key consideration to invasive species, but the predators the will have to face while becoming accustom to their new region. As expresses in Source F, cane toads became a major...
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