Invasion of Privacy

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Invasion of Privacy and Libel Case Study

Invasion of Privacy and Libel Case Study
Invasion of privacy is something that is a major concern among Americans. In this paper I will discuss Steve, who has recently joined a church. The church doctrine is such that members are to reveal indiscretions from their past. Steve has told them of some of his indiscretions but Steve is not happy about this and decides he would rather leave the church. The church leaders have told Steve even if he leaves his neighbors as well as members of the church will be notified of his past. In this paper I will discuss which privacy torts are involved as well as if this is a libel case. I will also discuss whether the expectation of privacy applies to the facts of this case as well as the defenses to the tort and if there is a legal difference in disclosing personal indiscretions to members of the church, its’ elders and to the general public. Invasion of privacy laws are in place to help regulate personal information of everyday private citizens to keep government organizations and also the private sector from gathering and storing information about them for use. In Steve’s case it appears that the public disclosure of private facts tort would be involved mostly. The reason would be that the church would go forth with their statement to inform church members as well as neighbors. It seems that Steve’s case could not be considered libel due to the fact that the church has not went through with what they said they would do, they have only let Steve know that they have every intention of doing so. So conversely, had the church actually went through with their intentions Steve would indeed have a libel case. Also, there would even seem to be an intentional intrusion invasion of privacy tort because of the church’s guidelines in which they knew that they were going to gather Steve’s information. Also, if it is proven that distributing this information on a regular basis...
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