Intropersonal Communication

Topics: Text messaging, Mobile phone, Significant Other Pages: 3 (1272 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Dustin Miller
COM 136
April 22, 2013
Research Paper
As technology continues to advance everyday, verbal conversation is becoming less common. Even though texting is becoming more common, it is making understanding ones tone and view on a conversation difficult to understand. People aren’t necessarily able to express emotion over text, regardless of punctuation. One still isn’t able to determine if a person could be joking, serious, sarcastic, or lying because sending a text isn’t the same as speaking to a person face to face. Me personally, I have reaped the repercussions of jumping to conclusions with my conversations through text. With personal experiences, research, and findings I will elaborate more on the topic of how conversation through text is becoming more of an issue. This topic was of interest to me because it is something I notice getting worse over the years. I find it interesting how people can be so vulgar and blunt over text but then be completely different in person. It is as if the person they wish to be, they are able to be behind closed doors or when nobody is watching. Which is making it acceptable for people to put a façade on for everyone else. Even though that is not the person they are in person to friends. I wanted to figure out if what I was thinking was true or not so I decided to put forth effort into seeing facts and understanding the fact of how texting is pretty much getting in the way of understanding a conversation and knowing the real person you are talking with. I feel as if the next generations are going to make this far worse than what it is already is because of how intrusive technology has become on their everyday lives. Relationships are a big deal when it comes to texting. Since now days it is difficult to see and call your significant other constantly through out the day, texting has become such a convenience to keep in touch with each other and maintain a healthy relationship even when you aren’t together. How ever...
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