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In a modern society such as today, Ourdaily lives are bombarded with things that require our undivided attention. An example would be meetings. These days people have a little time to spend on themselves, let alone on recreational activities, Such as communicating with friends. Texting, a revolutionary tool, has enabled people to minimize the time needed by the means of communication i.e. a phone call. However texting has come under fire for education for its potential to ruin our language. Texting should be seen, by educators, for its potential to enable students to experience and manipulate the English language to help you enhance versatility, fluency, and communicative skills.

Texting provides many advantages, such as people greatly reduce the time a call would take, especially if the call would go to voicemail. The unnecessary time taken to call, wait for the person to pick up, if they don't you may have to leave a voicemail, which some people rarely check, all of the above would be avoided with a quick concise message that would remain in the recipients' phones' home screen until checked. Texting would come in handy to any student, such as myself. Texting should be incorporated, the same way email has, into the core of education for the years to come. If one could ponder a procrastinating first-year college student writing their first term paper for their English class and the stuck on how to write a thesis. So she sends an email to her professor, only being forced to wait, in anxiety for a reply. So she decides to write the paper anyway, with a weak thesis. If she would only be inclined to send her professor a quick text to help with her thesis, would've made on difference in a mediocre essay with a week thesis, and a strong essay with a complete revised thesis. The same incorporation would work for me and the classes that I take, especially with AP physics, however writer John Humphrys would completely disagree with me. In his essay, I H8 TXT MSGS:...
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