Introduction to Sport, Fitness and Coaching

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Introduction to Sport, fitness and management

In this assignment I will be introducing myself and my motivation for enrolling on module E122. Primarily I will be looking at the differences between sport, recreation and physical activity. I will look at how we can define these categories which I will do by looking at examples of each activity and then explaining which category they fall into, as well as demonstrating how these activities can overlap between categories. Furthermore, I will look specifically into one activity analysing the scientific, economic and management changes that have occurred in recent years and the effects these have had. (on what?)

My name is George, I am 24 years old and from being a school leaver until February of this year I was a professional footballer. I started at my hometown club of Norwich City FC spending many years of my youth until the age of 17. I have then been very fortunate to spend 8 years working as a professional and having opportunities to play in Spain for five years and Australia for two. With the current financial climate, football has been unable to avoid the global impact and the level's I find myself playing at are a world away from the Premier league and not financially secure or stable. For these reasons, I have undertaken the decision to embark on a career as a coach and want to work at the highest level I possibly can. I have already had some equally good experiences in coaching being selected to coach the Victorian U13 state football team whilst in Australia, as well as establishing my own elite football development center that is still thriving in Melbourne and supporting around 60 players trying to improve their skills and abilities. I hold my FA level 1, 2 and UEFA B license and have recently completed my FA Module 1 and 2. I am really excited to meet everyone and can’t wait to start this course to hopefully improve my knowledge and understanding of the sport and fitness industry to help me further develop myself within my coaching career. I feel there will be some great benefits to my own personal performance and I will also be able to hold further empathy with the players that I am coaching by gaining new skills in nutrition, muscular and aerobic fitness programs.

Defining Sport, Recreation and Physical Activity
There are many different views on the definition of sport, recreation and physical activity which can conflict, overlap and provoke much debate. As stated by Green, M. (2008, p10) ‘It should be noted at the outset that the task of providing clear definitions for ‘sport, ‘recreation’, ‘physical activity’ and ‘leisure’ is fraught with problems.” I will look at two different activities and demonstrate which category or multiple categories that they best fall under. The first activity I will be analysing is the national sport of Great Britain, Football. Football is extremely popular in Britain and comes in many different forms from one of the top professional leagues in the world (Barclays Premier League) to thousands who participate in informal recreational match play every week, which is solely for enjoyment as well as those who play to achieve a high level of physical activity. The first category football most certainly falls under is ‘Sport’. We have 4 divisions of full time professional teams. The 92 football clubs are split between two national governing bodies, twenty teams fall under the governing body of the ‘The FA Premier League’ and a further seventy two clubs under the governing body of ‘The Football League’. If we look at a key fact for defining sport by Green, M. (2008, p13) ‘there will be an agreed-upon set of rules which are normally regulated by an organisation such as a national governing body of sport like the Scottish Football Association or England Netball.’ Using this view point it would clarify that football comes into the category of ‘Sport’. If we look at football in a different context, for example; a group of men aged...
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