Apa Style - Examples of References to Textbooks

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APA Style Referencing Examples
Examples of References to Textbooks:
Textbook, One Author: Rader, B.G. (2004). American sports: From the age of folk games to the age of televised sports. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Textbook, One Author, Multiple Nouns in Title: Castro, E. (2003). HTML for the World Wide Web with XHTML and CSS: Visual QuickStart guide (5th ed.). Berkeley, CA: Peachpit. Textbook (software manual), Two Authors, New Edition: George, D., & Mallery, P. (2002). SPSS for Windows step by step: A simple guide and reference (4th ed., 11.0 Update). Pearson Allyn & Bacon.

Examples of References to Edited Books:
Edited Textbook, One Editor: Polidoro, R.J. (Ed.). (2000). Sport and physical activity in the modern world. Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon.

Examples of References to Articles or Chapters in Edited Books: Chapter in Edited Book, Two Authors & Two Editors: Bredemeier, B.J., & Shields, D.L. (1987). Moral growth through physical activity: An interactional approach. In D. Gould & M. Weiss (Eds.), Advances in pediatric sport sciences (pp. 143-165). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. Chapter in Edited Book, Three Authors, Three Editors, second Edition: Thomas, K.T., Gallagher, J.D., & Thomas, J.R. (2001). Motor development and skill acquisition during childhood and adolescence. In R.N. Singer, H.A. Hausenblas, & C.M. Janelle (Eds.), Handbook of sport psychology (2nd ed., pp. 20-52). New York, NY: Wiley & Sons.

Example of a Book Review:
Gauvin, L. (1990). [Review of the book The winning mind]. The Sport Psychologist, 4, 437439.

Examples of References to Periodicals
Professional Journal Article, Two Authors: Frankl, D., & Babbitt, D. (1998). Gender bias: A study of high school track & field athletes’ perceptions of hypothetical male and female head coaches. Journal of Sport Behavior, 21(4), 396-407. Journal article, six or more authors: Burt, V.L., Whelton, P., Roccella, E.J., Brown, C., Cutler, J.A., Higgins, M., et al. (1995). Prevalence...
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