Introduction to Management

Topics: Organization, Organizational studies, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (254 words) Published: April 30, 2013



VALUE: 50% comprising two short answer questions (worth 5% each) + two long answer questions (worth 20% each)

DATE: To be advised by SIM

TIME: Two hours

QUESTIONS: Two short answer questions from section one and two long answer questions from section two must be attempted in order to pass the exam.

Attempt two short answer questions only from this section

1. Define the meaning of Marx’s claim that the capitalist labour process is an unequal relationship.

2. Using the case of McDonalds as example, outline the key processes through which modern organisations continue to be rationally organised?

3. Name the differences between the forming and performing in Tuckman’s group development stages.

4. Define emotional labour. Give a workplace example of surface acting in relation to emotional labour.

Attempt two long answer questions only from this section

5. Power is often said to be most potent when it is not seen or felt. Use an organisational example of your choice to explain what is meant by this.

6. Discuss the reasons for the popularity of the transformational approach to leadership.

7. Workforce diversity is a contemporary challenge for organisations. Suggest a practical way (one each) that inequalities resulting from discrimination on the basis of gender, race, age, disability and sexuality in organisations can be decreased.

8. There are no more ‘jobs for life’. Outline and explain the key threats and opportunities presented by new patterns of employment in contemporary workplaces.
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