Pwcs 23

Topics: Discrimination, Person, Affirmative action Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: April 8, 2013
PWCS 23: Principles of diversity, equality and inclusion in adult social care settings

1.1 Define what is meant by:

- Diversity is about the acknowledgement and the respect of the differences between the people on all of their variety. It‘s about the uniqueness of every each individual and the way he/she contribute for the richness of our society.

- Equality. Despite our differences we are equal in front of the society and to each other. This means that everyone deserves to have the freedom to do what he/she wants, to be protected from discrimination, and to get the same chance like everyone else.

- Inclusion. People can feel included only if they feel that this is their place not because someone says so, but because of who they are. They feel respected and free to participate and realize themselves without fear of disapproval or sanction.

- Discrimination is the result of unequal or excluding behaviour. It can be on the ground of age, gender, race, sex orientation, religion, culture, disability, etc.

1.2 Describe how direct or indirect discrimination may occur in the work setting. Direct discrimination is when something (promotion, money, education, etc.) is refused to a person. For example, if a woman is refused a job as a security guard only on basis of her gender. With the indirect discrimination the previously mentioned things are allowed, but with specific conditions that exclude unwanted people. For example, a company will employ woman for security guard, but only if she agrees to not get pregnant for the time of the contract.

1.3 Explain how practices that support diversity, equality and inclusion reduce the likelihood of discrimination. Often in our everyday life we think with the help of stereotypes like „The old people are slow or fragile; The dogs are aggressive and dangerous; The women are weaker than the men; The Muslim are terrorists“ and so on. These stereotypes are result of our education, family...
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