Introduction to Irish Legal Systems & Eu Law

Topics: President of Ireland, Oireachtas, Republic of Ireland Pages: 4 (1503 words) Published: April 26, 2013
DT331-1 Introduction to Irish Legal Systems & EU Law|
D11124875 Sue Doyle|

1. Outline the institutions involved in the legislative process briefly describing the functions of each and list the steps involved in the process. The institutions involved in the legislative process are the office of the President and the two houses of the national parliament the Oireachtas, Dáil Éireann, the House of Representatives and Seanad Éireann the Senate. The President is the head of the state in Ireland and he or she is elected directly by the people of Ireland. The office is established by the constitutional of Ireland. The president’s term in office is for seven years but they can also only serve two terms. They can also be removed from office by the either houses of the Oireachtas the Dáil and or the Seanad. He or she is also helped in his or her role by the Presidential Commission and the Council of State. The Dáil is the parliament of Ireland and is the lower of the Houses of the Oireachtas. It is made up members of parliament, TDs or Teachta Dála. TDs are elected directly to the Dáil by the people of Ireland following a general election. We currently have 166 TDs. They represent and work on behalf of the people. The maximum term of the Dáil is five years and the Taoiseach has to at any given time contact the President to dissolve the Dáil. Seanad Éireann is the senate of Ireland and is the upper House of the Oireachtas. It is made up of 60 members. The Taoiseach nominates 11 of the members and 49 members are elected in a Seanad Election. One of the Senators takes the role of Cathaoirleach or Chairperson. The steps involved in the legislative process are as follows. A new law starts out as a ‘Bill’ which is a proposal for a piece of legislation. The contents of the bill are approved by government and go through a consultation process or a lobby groups. A bill is normally initiated by the Government, or the Dáil, but a bill can also...
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