Introduction to Information Technology

Topics: Mobile phone, History of the Internet, Want Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: April 19, 2011
Courtney Farnsworth

Introduction to Information Technology
Instructor: Campos

This paper is about my opinions on an article I was asked to read; “Weaving a New Web”, main points in the article are somewhat addressed, I didn’t quite understand what exactly you wanted to me to do, but I did my best.

I was recently asked to read an article about the concerns and adjustments that are going to need to be made to the internet, since it keeps growing. I personally think that the questions at the beginning of the article are agreeable, why does everything have to grow and advance, or expand? This is my my opinion I think we should stick with what works and slow down on the technology upgrades, if its growing so fast that certain things may be overlooked than we aren’t doing the job right, a lot of the so called “more advanced” technology that I have run into in the last two years has broken, got hacked, or just doesn’t work the way it is supposed to. But yet everything I have worked with before works just fine, partially because who ever had developed it had taken their time to follow all the tweaks of the programs or technology.

Nick Feamster has a good point, we never know what to expect, if we don’t know where data is being stored on the never forgetful internet, how can we possibly expect; to know what to expect with the internet in the future. There is a possibility that everyone in the world could end up with a cell phone or smart phone. Powell asked Connelly if the private industry was or is prepared for this tremendous spike in traffic. He believes that to have a focus on technology cost is if we don’t hit the right price it doesn’t go mainstream, when we hit the right price all of a sudden people say “I want to do that” and away they go. I don’t think this is true first of all I’m an independent woman and when I see something that everyone else is hooked on “a trend” I try to steer clear of that “trend” and be unique. In most...
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