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Topics: Cortisol, Blood sugar, Physical exercise Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: October 17, 2011
Sports can be seen as just a simple way of entertaining but they can be taken far away by making use of their real benefits. What kinds of benefits? Both health, physical and psychological ones. Sports work as an excellent physical exercise which provides a more positive body image to the people who practice them; it is not about who is thinner than the other but who cares about their own health. Sports can boost self-esteem in the players: it is satisfying realizing our potential of doing our best to make the most of what we have when we exercise, besides knowing we are receiving a sense of pride from the people we care about. All this brings happiness and good feelings about us, developing more independence and confidence. It is known that when people are under stress the brain produces catecholamines of adrenaline. Adrenaline generates anxiety which increases the heart and blood rate. So when people include activities such as running, jumping, stretching, etc…; the adrenaline gets converted into energy, releasing all the day to day pressures and tensions allowing the reduction of blood sugar level, cholesterol and chances of getting hypertension. The brain also secretes endorphins, morphine-like chemicals that combat pain and stress, giving a healthy sign of mental well-being. Sports can also be used as a great education tool. Through them children learn to develop leadership skills, to tolerate the differences existing in their team, to cooperate and be solidary, teamwork, respect the rules and to have some love for what they are doing. In the game you expose to winning and losing as in life dealing with failure and success, this teaches that not every time you are going to get what you want and helps turn the defeats into positive things by learning from the mistakes and trying to improve for the next time. In Colombia around 46% of the population lives in poverty Conditions and the 17.8% in extreme poverty (2008). These statistics...
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