Introducing the C. Palmer and His Art for Culturally Responsive Instruction

Topics: Uncle Remus, Tar baby, Br'er Rabbit Pages: 4 (1280 words) Published: March 5, 2013
This short essay gives background information on the artist Charly Palmer and his development of narrative art. It also explores, how to use srt as a means to engage students in Culturally Responsive Teaching.

About the Artist
Born in Fayette, Alabama, Charly “Carlos” Palmer (1960-) has lived life as both a commercial artist and a fine artist. Palmer was raised primarily in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Whereupon after graduating from high school in 1978 he moved to Chicago, Illinois to pursue a degree at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Palmer attended school there for a year and a half before transferring to the Art institute of Chicago. In 1982 he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts and minor in Art History. Right after graduation Palmer began working professionally as an artist and more specifically as a graphic artist for agencies in Milwaukee, Chicago and Atlanta, Georgia. In partnership with his then wife, Charly Palmer opened a graphics design business, TP Design, in 1991. The business took off quickly and successfully. “We were recognized within the first 2 years as one of the top design agencies nationally and as one of the few all black agencies around in graphic designs in the country” states Palmer (personal communication, December 7, 2011). I asked Palmer, “What inspired you to switch your focus from being a professional designer to a full time painter?” Despite the success of the business Palmer explains, “I never had a desire to do commercial work.” His first passion, painting, is something that has never left him and he decided to solely focus on this aspect of his career within the last 10 years. About the Artwork

Much of Charly Palmer’s work is a reflection of his experiences and perspective as a Black man in America. Consistently, the themes that are addressed in his paintings are economic, social, political, gender and racial issues within the context of the United States. In his most recent exhibition “What is Your Tar Baby? ” these...
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