Intro to Bussiness Case Studies

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  • Published : May 18, 2011
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Professor _________
Business 104-082
Fall 2010

1. Case 2.3: “Timberland Walks the Walk” .. .. .. ________

2. Case 6.3: “Geek Squad to the Rescue” .. .. .. ________

3. Case 8.3: “Made in the U.S.A.: American Apparel”. .. ________

4. Case 9.3: “Replacements, Ltd.: Dogs in the Work Place”. ________

Total Grade .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ________

Business 104-082
Case 2.3: “Timberland Walks the Walk”

[Name]Case 2.3
Professor ________
Business 104-082
Fall 2010

1. In what ways does Timberland fulfill its responsibilities to consumers, employees, investors, and society as a whole?

Timberland fulfills it’s responsibilities to consumers by treating its customers fairly, act in a manner that is not harmful to them, and build a brand that is known for high quality. They respect the public demands of wants and needs; therefore giving the consumers the right to be safe, the right to be informed, the right to choose, and the right to be heard. Timberland’s brand has a continuing reputation that stands for durability, ruggedness, and the American outdoors. Timberland fulfills its responsibilities to employees by ensuring equal opportunity on the job, dealing with quality-of-life issues and avoiding discrimination. They implement commitment through a series of programs in which its employees and corporate dollars participate and benefit from. Timberland fulfills its responsibilities to investors and society as a whole by making profits for its share holders, investors, and the financial community and by helping out the community through a series of programs, community service, and volunteerism. Timberland has been contrasting a reputation for integrity and commitment to the community. For example, participating in City Year has, as reflected in Timberland’s revenues, led to company growth of more than $1 billion each year. Timberland invested more than $10 million in City Year, which measures the success of its community service programs. Timberland donated boots to City Year participants, and the organization, as well as timberland, experienced growth nationwide. 2. In addition to a climate of social responsibility, do you think Timberland is likely to foster a climate of ethical awareness throughout its organization? Explain you answer.

In addition to Timberland’s conditions of social responsibility, I think Timberland is more likely to encourage conditions of ethical awareness throughout it’s organization. Since ethical dilemmas occur frequently in the workplace, employees need help in identifying ethical problems when they occur. Workers also need guidance about how the firm expects them to respond. Timberland has a code of conduct that defines how the organization expects employees to resolve ethical questions. “Our Code of Conduct helps us ensure fair, safe and non-discriminatory workplaces around the world, and to create positive change in communities where Timberland® products are made.”

At Timberland, top management sets forth the ethical standards that guide the employees ─ a strong set of values for Timberland and its efforts in the community─ humanity, humility, integrity, and excellence. Timberland builds social responsibility into its brand, as vice-president Ken Freitas says, "Doing good and doing well are not separate things."

Timberland follows a high standard of social responsibility that to my belief translates into a high standard of ethical behavior. The programs that Timberland has created have shown that they consider not only their profits but also what is right when making decisions, which is fundamental for any company to follow when considering ethical behavior. Also the programs help employees view Timberland as a company that is not only interested in profits but in the well being of all. This will encourage employees to do their part in the company so that standards are followed and so...
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