Topics: Stop sign, Road, Miles per hour Pages: 3 (1005 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Intersection Between Fairbanks and Highway 139
Intersections have traffic going through them all of the time. I pass through eight intersections on my way to school. One of the main intersections that I pass through going almost anywhere is the intersection of Fairbanks Road and Highway 139. This intersection is a very busy one. Any traffic going towards the Bastrop area or coming towards the Swartz area from the Bastrop area have to pass through this intersection. Because the Intersection has nothing but a caution light, people go through there going faster than they should. This in return has caused twenty-nine wrecks within the past year. People may think that that is not a lot of wrecks for a year, but take into a count that fifty-five percent of these wrecks were fatal. To make this intersection a safer place to travel for the community I propose that we do one of three things. My first proposal is that, as a community, we petition the Louisiana State Department of Transportation to put a timed red light at this intersection. An alternate, but still effective means of traffic control would be to put in a four way stop at this intersection. Finally, a reduction of speed limited around the intersection to about twenty or thirty miles per hour would reduce the chance for serve traffic accidents, according to the statistics.

The first proposal I make to improve this intersection for the community is to have a red light installed. Around red lights people are more cautious about what they are doing. The red light will alert people to slow down and be more aware of there surroundings. This will also make for more efficient travel through this area during peak times. In 2008, in Parker, Texas, at the intersection of Bethany Boulevard and Zane Avenue, the community was having this same type of problem. There were many wrecks happening, there were many people speeding through the intersection without caution, and there were many people that would assume that...
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