Internships: an Opportunity of a Lifetime

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  • Published : March 26, 2007
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"Internships: An Opportunity of a Lifetime"

Internships are very important to a college student preparing for the world of work. It should be seen as an integral part of a student's academic career. To get relevant experience, students should intern with employers who are doing the kind of work they are interested in pursuing after college. Internships are so important because they test one's skills and interests, provide insight into prerequisites needed for employment, and develops a network of professional contacts for future opportunities and references. Being involved in an internship is a great way to discover one's strengths and talents. When one is involved in class work, their hands on experience is limited. However, when there is practice in the field of interest there will also be exposure. For example, if a pharmacy student decides that he would like to practice pharmacy but is not certain of the exact field, an internship would be a great way to get hands-on training of the various options that await his arrival.

Knowing one's skills and interests would ultimately lead to providing insight into prerequisites. If one is aware of the criteria necessary to fulfil one's desires, then one would make sure that he is ready for the challenge. If one is serious about his career and is fully aware that he will need a certain amount of requirements and achievements, then one would work extremely hard to meet his goals. For example, if a freshman football player desires to start then he would have to be aware his own skills and talents and recognize what is needed to even compete for an upperclassman's position.

Being involved in an internship would not only test one's skills and interests, but it would also assist in developing a network of professional contacts for future opportunities and references. If one were involved in an internship, one would be given an opportunity to work with different people. One would also have a great...
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