Guidelines for Internship Report

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Md. Shawan Udddin and M.A. Matin*

1.1 What Is Internship?

Internship program is a pre-service training designed to render practical experience of a given job. In other words to employ achieved knowledge hand in hand is called internship.

In a single word, “Standard method taken for searching knowledge or information is meant internship”.

Internship is a process of acquiring practical knowledge about some theoretical lessons. It’s most important aspect is to know the practical lessons. As a practical subject, management needs practical lesson. That is why BBA program includes internship training from the practical field.

Formal knowledge increases eagerness to know any thing and actual knowledge opens the eyes of knowledge of a person. It seems that knowledge and practical training go hand in hand.

Internship program has become a significant aspect of postgraduate requirement. In practice, it is of great importance in changing the field of theoretical learning. Its significance is effective in satisfying the requirement of graduate degree.

Internship is a system, when a student can compare theoretical concept with practical situation that position is internship and the report which is published based on the data or information is called internship report.

*Lecturer, School of Business, Asian University of Bangladesh

*Head, School of Information Science and Library Management, AUB

1.2 Necessity of Internship:

The modern period is the time of large and heavy production and industrialization. It is also a business period and the business in this era has emerged as globalize phenomenon due to rapid change of technical knowledge especially with the advent of the information and communication technology. All industries try to maximize its production and profit. So skilled labors and employees are essential. To achieve the goal of a student of BBA is bound to take internship. There is some specific importance of internship. There are some necessities of internship program which can be presented in this way.

i) To improve the quality of academic knowledge.

ii) To increase production and improve the quality of a product.

iii) To convert students into skilled knowledge workers.

iv) To increase material and labor productivity.

v) To find out the techniques and methods for the problems faced by an organization.

vi) It helps understand the internal significance of management.

vii) The theoretical knowledge is valueless without practical training, so internship is very necessary.

viii) In order to enhance the relation between administration and labor class.

1.3 Limitation of the Internship:

Internship needs long period of visits to work field’s money, patience and inspiration. But, obviously in our country, for the lack of those elements doing internship becomes difficult and as a result, our knowledge yet remains much limited within the framework of the theoretical knowledge and it needs further practice for right application to the real field of work.

One may face some problems during collecting data. The main problems of data collection are as follows:

i) Management restriction of company. For management restriction of the company they may not provide all necessary data and information to the internees.

ii) Problems for lack of sufficient knowledge about the activities of the conducted organization

iii) Negligence of the conducted company because they don’t like to give concentration and time. They think it as a time consuming and expensive one.

1.3(a) Limitation from the University:

i) The students are not given credit hour for their conducting internship report. This is one of the most important reasons to submit a bad report.

ii) There is no proper supervising procedure by which the students get proper...
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