Internet Use and Academic Performance

Topics: Gender, Internet, Male Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: January 30, 2011
As technology develops, the school is becoming more dependent on the internet. Many subjects require the students to engage in online research in order to widen their learning. Not only is the internet an online encyclopaedia, it is also a fast way of communication between students and their professors. While the internet could be a very useful source of information, students that use it for socializing and online gaming, show poor academic performance, because most students get attempted by the different entertaining websites while they are using the internet. And students use the internet mostly in internet cafes in which they have the full parental regulation on the time they spend on the internet. Also the activities that students involve in differ between the two genders; males spend a little more time on the internet than females, where most of that time includes online games, whereas females use the internet for socializing and online chatting. Both activities are linked to the poor academic performance of students. Students spend most of their time on online gaming and chatting while on the internet, instead of using it as a source of information. According to a study done in Taiwan among students between the ages 10 and 15 it is confirmed that using the internet by adolescents is mostly for socializing and playing games which affected on their average for the high school entrance exam. Students that used the internet for emailing and information purposes scored higher on the entrance exam than those who used it for games and chatting. The excessive use of the internet is also linked to the academic failure of students. A study done among college students that take full time hour courses have showed that students that use the internet heavily for recreation purposes have suffered of tiredness, depression and addiction to food which results in their poor academic performance. In fact another study done among adolescents shows that most students attended...
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