Internet Finnacila Reporting

Topics: Regression analysis, Linear regression, Least squares Pages: 429 (126653 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Assessing the Development of Voluntary Internet Financial Reporting and Disclosure in Egypt

A Thesis submitted for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy

By Doaa Abd El Rehim Mohamed Aly
BSc in Accounting MSc in Financial Accounting

Department of Accounting and Finance Hull Business School 2008

To My Mum

I would like to express my sincere thanks and great respect to those who helped and encouraged me towards the completion of this research. I wish to give special thanks and to express on my sincerest gratitude to my supervisor Mr Jon Simon, Head of the Accounting and Finance Department at University of Hull, for his guidance, patience, time and enthusiasm throughout the stages of my PhD. Without his continuous assistance and encouragement, this thesis could not have been completed. Thanks should go to all administrative and academic staff in Department of Accounting, Faculty of Commerce, Helwan University for their moral support. Very special thanks go to my internal examiner, Professor Mike Tayles, and my external examiner, Professor David Alexander, Head of Accounting department of Birmingham University, for the time they took to read and comment on my thesis, as well as for their encouragement and positive input. I would like to thank my country Egypt and mainly the Minister of High Education for the financial support that made this research possible. Special thanks should go to the staff of Egyptian Cultural Bureau for their help and the continuous encouragement during my study in UK. I am delighted to give my special appreciation to all academic staff in the accounting department of Hull Business School for their valuable comments and advice concerning my disclosure index and statistical analysis. I would like to thank Mr Ashraf Kamal, the head of the disclosure department in Egyptian and Alexandria Stock Exchange, and to all those who participated in my interviews and devoted some of their time to my research. I am thankful to the members to the administrative staff of Hull University and my PhD colleagues who helped me during my work. I would like to thank my mother for her unlimited support, patience, sacrifice and enthusiasm during the course of my degree research. I am very grateful to her.


Abstract Currently the provision of corporate financial information through the internet is a new issue confronting providers and users of financial information in Egypt. It is expected to be important as financial information would be disseminated worldwide and this availability of information could encourage people to invest in any part of the world. Studying internet reporting in Egypt will help in providing on line timely information, thus encouraging investors to invest in Egypt. It will meet stakeholders’ demands for greater speed and volume of financial information. Businesses must find better and more effective ways of communicating financial information with these stakeholders. Therefore, there is a need to examine the role played by the internet in communicating financial information in Egypt, in order to find out how that role may be enhanced.

The major objectives of the study were to 1) identify the extent of internet corporate financial reporting in the Egyptian companies; 2) identify factors which influence Egyptian listed companies to voluntarily adopt internet-based corporate financial reporting; 3) evaluate the effectiveness of voluntary internet financial reporting and disclosure to selected groups of users; and 4) explore the role of Investor Relations and auditors regarding internet financial reporting and their functions or procedures are affected. Innovation diffusion, institutional change, and economic-based theories were employed to explain the adoption of internet financial reporting in Egypt. To accomplish these objectives, a sequential explanatory triangulation design was employed, employing both quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis....
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