Internet Engineering Task Force

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Internet Engineering Taskforce (IETF)

In the concept of computer network engineering the term RFC refers to a published memorandum by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). This is an informative document that provides information on such items as current research, important new innovations, methods and other aspects relative to the working of the internet and connected IT systems. The idea was designed by Steve Crocker in the late 60’s. This has since been adopted to contain the official records for development specifications for the internet, improvement of protocols and notification of important related events. Each RFC is assigned a specific reference number. As such, once this number has been assigned and published it can never be revised, changed or updated. Should changes be required the author has to publish a revised document which has been assigned with another unique serial number. This approach ensures that there is a well-documented trail of the evolution and development of the internet. There are potentially four main categories of RFC’s. These are enumerated as: - (1) IETF (2) IRTF (3) IAB and (4) Independent submission. The source for obtaining RFC’s is by access from the RFC Editor. Historically all submissions were written in plain ASCII text and published in that format. Other versions are available today as part of a modernization of the process. The RFC Editor web site is a good starting point for additional information and searching through the vast number of RFC’s in the database linked from that site. (RFC Editor, 2013). INTERNET DRAFT (ID)

This is essentially a group of working documents published by the IETF. They contain drafts of RFC’s but also many work in progress documents that have yet to be finalized. Therefore the use of Internet drafts is somewhat limited in scope and should not be relied upon for accuracy. The draft only has validity for 6 months where it has to be replaced again and...
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