Internet Curse or Boon

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[ESSAY] Internet - Blessing or a Curse?
Internet: the greatest invention of the 20TH century. Internet: the end of all our worries. Internet: a solution to everything. You must be wondering what am I am saying, why not? A woman named Penelope had a very bad disease and she couldn’t even go out to the doctor. She just took out her pocket PC, connected to the internet and read the cure to her disease. The world is at your hands, all by the internet. Whether it’s some research work, or social networking, just connect to the internet and there you go…..

The internet has many advantages. MANY! You can share documents and stuff using different file hosting servers. Let’s say, in the old times, you had to send a document to your colleague. He lives way far from you. You write the document and send it to the post office. It takes him about 2 weeks to deliver the document. If you had to send the same document these days, you just type the document and send it to the colleague using e-mail and there you go! Another advantage is that you can store money using the internet. If we have to make a donation or send money to an friend all have to do is make a paypal account and send the money in a secure and reliable way.

On the other hand, the internet has some disadvantages too. People can hack your computer using the internet and have full access to your computer. Also, too much internet can affect a kid’s brain. The hacking business can end up in a loss of millions.

Internet can be a blessing or a curse. It depends on you. If you use the internet properly then it can be a blessing. If you misuse it then it can be a curse. IT DEPENDS ON YOU!
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