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The Internet is simply a network of hundreds of thousands of computers all over the World, connected in a way that lets other computers access information on them. So if a computer is connected to the Internet, in principle, it can be connected to any other computer on the network. Today, the Internet comprises more than 45000 regional, national and international networks, which connect more than 30 million people in over 200 countries. This includes organizations, schools, universities, companies, governments, groups and individuals (Gray, 1999).

Most literature is directed at the Internet as a tool for educators. The instructor's interest and convenience appear to be the key factors for the use of the Internet as a teaching tool. The instructor seems to use the Internet for courses if she or he has a strong interest in using the Internet or if the Internet facilitates ease of course presentation. Halasz (1997, 93) provides an example of the instructor-focused nature of the Internet as a teaching tool. Online education offers "flexibility, accuracy and convenience" as well as "cost and time savings" for the instructor. The question remains: Is this new educational method effective for students in the primary, secondary and higher education?

The aim of this study is to examine the educational uses and major technologies of the Internet in the World and Turkey, discuss the applications, studies and problems on the educational uses of the Internet in Turkey and present a number of suggestions on the effective using of the Internet in Turkish (primary, secondary and higher) education system.
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