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Topics: Joint venture, Honda, The Establishment Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: April 11, 2013

The establishment of Honda Vietnam, which is a joint venture between Honda Group and a state-run company, has been considered a political move in the context that the Government wants to protect motorcycle market in Vietnam while still encouraging foreign investments in this sector. With a long – established reputation for quality, Honda quickly becomes the largest and most profitable producer in the world and Honda Vietnam is extension of Honda’s operation in this market. Based on our understandings about Honda Vietnam, we decided to choose Honda Vietnam as the company to be researched and presented in our study. The reason for our choice is that this company has built a very strong position on Vietnamese market with holding about 8.6% market shares of our market. We find a deep interseted in conducting a study on Honda Vietnam’s strategy when entering Vietnamese market such as: advanced technology, long-running R&D and advertising campaigns, flexible product adoptation strategy, etc. Also, that is the aim of our study: getting a deeper insight into the foreign market entry strategy through the joint-venture and making a comprehensive evaluation as well. The findings of our study show that with its experience as well as the Motorcycle market situation in Vietnam, Honda has many advantages to do this strategy. However, Honda also has to face some difficulties. To solve these problems, Honda needs to implement a range of measure including pricing strategy and paying more attention to the local customer relationship to meet their goals. The detailed information will be included in the following parts.
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