International Legal and Ethical Issues Simulation Summary

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  • Published : September 11, 2012
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International Legal and Ethical Issues Simulation Summary
Robert A. Nelson
May, 14 2012

International Legal and Ethical Issues Simulation Summary
Any company entering into agreement that may involve international business activities should be fully aware of any changes to international legislations and laws that pertain to their business (Melvin, 2011). Above all other aspects of conducting a successful business abroad understanding the laws of the country one are operating in is paramount. A specific situation that may be considered enforceable by law in the United States may have no legal bearing in a foreign country. Contracts in most cases are enforceable but they are also subject to the regulations and laws of the country the business transaction is taking place. The problem that CadMex could run into concerning sublicensing agreements is if they choose to develop them in multiple, by creating more of them it opens the door to multiple lawsuits. If CadMex were to forget to include the appropriate sub-paragraphs within the contracts, they may be held liable for any monetary damages that occur. There are a number of places that lawsuits could arise from including individuals and other businesses from within the sublicensing agreement (Melvin, 2011). If a company from the United States is operating in a foreign country the laws and local customs of the country they are operating in would always prevail. Generally the company will have some sort of legal agreement agreeing to conduct business in accordance with the applicable laws and customs of the country in question (Melvin, 2011). When conducting business abroad all parties involved wish for the laws of their country to apply so that they will be protected. When a company is operating in its own country they are already aware of the laws that apply to their business and how they can be used to protect them. While conducting business internationally, they may not be...
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