International Green Marketing

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This is a summary on a journal of international green marketing by Gurau and Ranchhod (2005), which addresses issues that influence marketing of ecological products. Following this is a critique of the article, intending to identify if any of these claims made by Gurau and Ranchhod are valid and significant.


Gurau and Ranchhod (2005) argue that, unlike the British, Romanian firms export ecological products using foreign agents.

A major trend in modern business is ‘Green marketing’ (Kassaye, 2001), where customer awareness of the environment leads to high demand of ecological products (also known as ‘green’ products). It defines ecological products as that manufactured “using toxic-free ingredients….”. Green marketing experience challenges such as customer complaints regarding the high costs and unglamorous images of the products. Green products are mainly marketed in developed countries, for instance, Australia and Western Europe.

Internationalisation theories are discussed; it’s mainly based on the Uppsala (Johanson and Wiedersheim-Paul, 1975), and management innovation (Bilkey and Tesar, 1977) models. Ranchhod and Gurau (2005) state that competition within the country will manipulate the internationalisation process of eco-firms. It also shows how qualitative data, such as face-to-face interviews, were used to analyse and answer research objectives.

In the analysis, the country-of-origin of these firms was seen as important, in terms of their differences (due to the country’s standard of environmental regulations). The Romanian public hardly express any awareness concerning ‘green’ issues due to the extinction of certified green products there, whereas, in the UK customer awareness of such issues are high. Ecological products in the UK are represented by strong brand names; their exportations of ecological products are small. However, in Romania, exportation of green products is high due...
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