International Business Ethical Practices

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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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International Business Ethical Practices

CMGT/530 IT Organization Behavior


In this paper I indentified the importance of international ethical business practices. With public scandals and corporate corruption, highlighting the need for ethical awareness and evaluation of behaviors carried out by the companies and its employees. Strategies such are code of conduct and training courses, are developed by internal and external organizations to bring ethical awareness to organizations. I also discuss examples of various ethical climate and ethical problems.

International Business Ethical Practices

As companies expand their operations across the globe, new trends and issues arise daily that could create burdens to organizations. The need for international business ethical practices within organizations has become critical in day-to-day operations and in avoiding legal issues. With public scandals and misleading practices companies have affected the public’s views and opinions of many organizations. Implementing strategies such as codes of conduct guides multinational organization in the efforts of following ethical standards. When ethical norms are in conflict, owning different cultural practices, ethical norms guides businesses conduct in other nations and cultures (Marcoux, 2008). Pointing that ethical aspect of employees’ conduct has an overall impact on the productivity of an organization. For organization to improve the ethical climate, management must communicate proper ethical awareness throughout the organization by offering training courses codes of ethics and reward program (Mahdavi, n.d.) s. Also management should appoint an ethic officer and ethics committee that could supervise the implementation of ethics policies (Navran, 1997). These are a few methods that an organization can employ to improve ethical behaviors.

Code of Conduct
With companies conducting business around the world, having their own code of conduct...
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