Internal Factor Evaluation for Ebay Inc

Topics: EBay, Market, Auction Pages: 1 (321 words) Published: July 15, 2012
Internal Factor Evaluation for eBay Inc.,
Key Internal Factor| Weight| Rating| Weighted Score|
Internal Strengths1.) eBay offers the largest on-line market place operating on a global scale (largest on-line auction forum).2.) Diversity of product categories within the marketplace provides choice and caters for multiple demographic groups within the marketing mix.3.) eBay is a leading global brand for online auction.4.) eBay have a strong brand which is coupled with strong marketing at key times through many media outlets both on life and through mainstreams media streams to market (recognizable brand name).5.) Have many different categories.Internal Weaknesses1.) eBay has inability to control the contents of the auction and auction items.2.) Due to the on-line buy/sell relationship within eBay the ability to increase activity within the marketplace is limited and there is a reliance on those involved in the transaction.3.) eBay recognize there is a potential for counterfeit products to be listed which can result in legal issues for eBay and potential relative perceptions from customers due to the nature of the model in which the seller uses the product is responsible for the item.4.) Technology malfunctions.5.) Illegal activities on site.| .| 4344321211| .| 1.0 2.74

External Factor Evaluation for eBay Inc.,
Key External Factors| Weight| Rating| Weighted Score|
External Opportunities1.) Rapid growth in internet use.2.) Acquisition of PayPal and Skype.3.) Time-honored brand name.4.) Acquisitions provide new business strategy.5.) Global expansion.External Threats1.) Scammers and phishers.2.) Rapid growth of Some costs cannot be controlled by eBay.4.) Attack by illegal practices.5.) Increase in online trading site.| .| 3234434333| .|

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