Internal Assessment on Enzyme Concentration

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  • Published : November 15, 2012
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Maria Nica Biology 10.10.2012

Internal assessment on enzyme concentration

Enzymes are proteins that act as catalysts and they are the most important type of protein. My aim in this experiment was to investigate the effect of enzyme concentration on the rate of an enzyme (protease) – catalyzed reaction , catalysts speed up chemical reactions . My hypothesis is that the rate as reaction will increase as the concentration of protease in the solution increases so it will take less time for the reaction to take place . This is because the rate of an enzyme-catalysed reaction depends on the concentrations of enzyme and substrates ; as the concentration of either is increased the rate of reaction increases. The following tables show the data collected by group 10 during the experiment . Table 1 shows the time taken for every reaction to become clear . ( in group 10 ) Reaction | Time taken | Conversion in seconds | C| 2min 00s| 120| D| 2min 27s| 147| E| 2min 12s| 132| F| 2min 43s| 163| G| 2min 36s| 876|

As you can see we don’t the the reactions A and B because their reaction didn’t take place . The time taken to become clear was more than 10 minutes , and as was written in the instructions we had to omit those reactions . Table 2 shows the average time taken from all the 14 groups for each reaction to become clear. To calculate the averages I added all the times in...
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