Interface Raise Case Analysis

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Problem Statement:
How should InterfaceRAISE accelerate its growth and profitability while improving its clients’ sustainability performance and enhancing its parent company’s brand image. Alternative 1:
Interface should offer their services to just durable manufacturing companies. Alternative 2:
Interface should increase continuing to offering their services beyond manufacturing companies. Recommendations
Who to serve?
My recommendation is for InterfaceRise to only service companies in the manufacturing industry. They are already well known for their success in sustainability in the manufacturing industry. They currently have the ability to measure the impact of their success as a guideline for other like companies. This should be their target market What to offer & How to Serve?

InterFaceRise should continue to offer workshops and executive immersions sessions. One-on-one sessions and individual workshops are a great way to get to know each client’s specific needs. The cookie cutter approach will not work in this type of professional service industry. A change they should make would be concerning the immersion sessions. I recommend that these sessions should be held at the customer’s location. It will open up more opportunities for InterfaceRise to learn more about the customer’s current process and see it in action which will give them more insight into current processes that needs improvements. They can use the immersions sessions as tool to show a customer what their current process now and what they may be doing right and wrong and how to make the improvements and help them in achieving their goal of Mission Zero. They should adopt a more Systematic and comprehensive approach to these sessions. It seems they were just letting individuals wonder around on their manufacturing floor and speaking to any employee. This is not a wise decision giving that not all employees felt that the goal of Mission Zero was obtainable. Having blind faith...
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