Intercultural Communication

Topics: Walt Disney, The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney World Resort Pages: 3 (586 words) Published: March 23, 2012

Intercultural Communication in Multinational Corporations
Why is the Walt Disney Company so successful?


A Thesis Proposal Submitted to
Foreign Languages Department
In Candidate for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts


Liu, Meng
Supervised by Professor Fan, Peilin

Capital University of Economics and Business
Beijing, 12/2011

As the process of globalization develops continuously, multinational corporations are much more common nowadays which means intercultural communication has become an important part of daily work in thousands of millions of cross-cultural offices. This thesis will mainly concentrate on discussing and analyzing the Walt Disney Company’s experience of intercultural communication and the useful information we can learn from it so that some misunderstandings and problems can be avoided in some business activities. This thesis will discuss and answer the following questions: 1. What is the Walt Disney Company?

2. What is a cross-cultural working environment like in the Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida? How do the coordinators deal with different employers from different cultures? 3. What happened when Disney first entered French market? What happened when it first entered Japan? What are the cultural reasons behind these different phenomena? 4. Comparing to other multinational corporations like Starbucks and Ikea, what is the advantage of Disney and what can we use for reference from its experience? Some researches have already been done on related subjects such as intercultural communication management, the importance of cross-cultural communication in business, and the effectiveness of intercultural communication in Human Resource area, etc. Based on these researches, however, my view point as a cast member of the Walt Disney World Resort can be creative and objective....
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