Interactive Website for Martinez Memorial Colleges

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Modern technology touches life of most people in the easiest way it may be. Amazingly, computers, internet, as well as Wi-Fi manipulate human’s life. They can make our life more manageable. Our personal life became more exciting because of different social networking site like Facebook and twitter in which enabled us to search for the things we want to know. By exploring ourselves to a website will make us satisfy to the result that the internet gives us. Simply clicking on the buttons or links may vary our expectation and needs that will supply by means of web searching. Apparently, most of the people are interested in exploring in the websites and other social networking sites. In humongous number of internet users, people rely mostly in the power of internet. In which we can’t blamed most of them because computers or internet is now a necessity and not a luxury that every people must possess. Website making also came to enter on modern way to bring their concerned and trusted the power of computer and internet to deal with the information they’re trying to establish to the community. Website will help a lot to encourage the interest of the people who are fond of using internet as one of the most reliable in searching a lot of things they want to know.

Huge number of people may be found at the variety of social networking sites that they may log into.
The researcher with a course of information technology with interactive multimedia, creating an interactive website for Martinez Memorial Colleges is suggested because most of the people are engaged in dealing with computers, internet, and social networking sites that we have nowadays.

Review of Related Literature

Interactive multimedia “allows two-way interaction with multimedia course material, another computer, or another user with direct response to the input, as opposed to one-way communication from TV, video, and other non-responsive media. Interactive attributes commonly include data or text entry, mouse input, touch screens, voice commands, video capture, and real-time interaction”(Schneider, 2006). Interactive multimedia is a very useful multimedia system because it lets the user do things. There are a lot of websites and computer games that uses interactive multimedia which interacts with the user to do the things they want to do.

For most websites, people visit it once or twice then leave. Interactive websites build relationships with your visitors. Instead of only visiting your website once then leaving, you interact with your visitors several times (Drost, 2011). These websites interact with the users that are based on texts or in images that are appealing to them. Visitors of the particular interactive websites are allowed to make actions that are related to the content of the website. Also, if that website has an interesting game, they are allowed to play that game by moving different objects.

An interactive website enables you to start a conversation with your customer that develops into a relationship (Drost, 2011). Interactive websites can easily interact to people who are fond of using the internet most of the time. Using interactive websites helps the people who are searching for schools that offer courses and other programs they are interested. As they visit the particular interactive website of a school, they are starting to communicate with each other and eventually, they will create a relationship.

The current age is age of science and technology. Computer is one of the major inventions of science which has done wonderful contribution to our lives. Now internet has become the major and quickest source of information. You can have access to any information through internet. Internet is not only a source of information but source of business development as well. If you enjoy so many great benefits from internet, one key to open you to world is creation of website. There are countless...
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