Interaction of Ethnic, National or Cultural Influences

Topics: Nation, Ethnic group, Ethnic cleansing Pages: 4 (1024 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Interaction of ethnic, national or cultural influences in specific situations or events.

All around the world people are organised in societies differentiated ethnically, nationally and culturally. In our mind under the interethnic relations are traditionally understood subjectively experienced relations between people of different nationalities, between ethnic communities, which are manifested in attitudes and orientations of interethnic contacts in various areas of cooperation, national stereotypes, attitudes and behavior, and the actions of people of specific ethnic communities. It is in this area in the first place are projected economic, social and political issues. They acquire an ethnic form and deliver a lot of trouble to society, leading to inter-ethnic tensions, local ethnic conflicts, the growth of ethnic migrations.

Ethnic tensions, the state of hostility, distrust, mutual complaints and dissatisfaction arises or may arise from time to time between any nations that are permanently or temporarily in contact with each other. Ethnic tensions depend on several factors: 1) The history of international relations, the historical memory of the nature of relations between the peoples at different stages (often these relationships take the form of ongoing ethnic tension); 2) the level of economic development of the parties, among representatives of different nations’ place in the system of production and property (industrial specialization, predominance of members of certain nationalities in professional and social groups, the dominance of different forms of ownership, quality of life, etc.); 3) the structure of the cultural development of the nation - the predominance of rural or urban population, the level of education and professional qualifications.

There are allocated the following phenomena and processes that significantly affect the formation and strengthening of interethnic tension: 1) the lack of a consistent policy of condemnation and...
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