Intelligence Psychology Essay

Topics: Intelligence, Theory of multiple intelligences, Intelligence quotient Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: March 10, 2013
What is Intelligence? This has been a question for as long as we have been able to recognize humans have minds to think. Today there are as many explanations of intelligence as there are people trying to study and understand it. For arguments sake let's use the definition of intelligence, as the ability to learn about, learn from, understand, and interact with one's environment.

The movie 'intelligence' is a great movie. It was an educational movie about intelligence and how it is done. The movie explained every topic about intelligence like how people have "multiple intelligences" that include: Linguistic intelligence: the ability to understand and use language. Logical/mathematical intelligence: the ability to see relationships between objects. Spatial intelligence: the ability to visualize and manipulate objects in the mind's eye. Bodily/kinesthetic intelligence: the ability to combine perceptual and motor skills to accomplish something, like hitting a baseball, and Intrapersonal intelligence: the ability to understand one's own emotions and so on.

The movie 'intelligence' also explained how intelligence can be measure. It can measure by doing some Intelligent test like IQ test. IQ is strongly related, probably more so than any other single measurable human trait, to many important educational, occupational, economic, and social outcomes. Its relation to the welfare and performance of individuals is very strong in some arenas in life, moderate but robust in others, and modest but consistent in others. Whatever IQ tests measure, it is of great practical and social importance.

Could these tests possibly be biased? Maybe. What is more important, I believe, is that we can all agree that intelligence is multifaceted. Intelligence is also relative and, ever changing as we continue to learn new things. Intelligence experts may never agree on a formal definition of intelligence or how to measure it. It is one of those "is...
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