Integration of Modern Medicine to Traditional Medicine

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By Dr Josiah Tayali MPH


PREFACE The purpose of this study is to establish the link between THPs and modern medicine in order to integrate traditional heath practice with the modern medicine practice. Ngongongare village with its 6 neighboring villages were involved. The study adopted both descriptive and analytical approaches. Data were collected from sampled from the chosen Traditional Health Practitioners (THPs) identified from Ngongongare villages and from the neighboring villages surrounding CINS-AAP Project site such as Nkoanekoli, Mulala, Kilinga, Ngurdoto, Ngaranamyuki and Imbaseni. A variety of data collection methods were employed these include, unstructured questionnaires, interviews and analysis of documents and records, also direct observation informal discussion, field investigation and consultations. This study has established the following; All the THPs has some understanding of the physiological functions of the body and was no THP who showed NOT at all understanding of the physiological functions of the human body parts as the Modern Medical Practitioner. Most of the THPs treat their patients by using signs and symptoms definitions that the Modern Medical Practitioners [MMPs] use. It was clear from the study was that Already there is an informal link between the THPs and the MMPs. There are cases that are referred to medical clinics for confirmation of diagnoses and some specific treatments mostly surgical.


TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1. Title Page 2. Preface: acknowledgements, 3. Table of contents – topics 4. List of graphs 5. List of tables 6. Definitions of concepts 7. Abstract 8. Introduction and Background a. Research objectives b. Background location of study 9. Study Design a. Study design selected 10. Data a. Data Collection Methods b. Data quality checks 11. Presenting Results Obtained From The Survey a. Reporting research findings b. Discussions of the findings 12. Study limitation 13. Conclusion And Recommendations 14. Attachments/Appendices


LIST OF TABLES Table 1: AIDS Table 2: Table 3: Table 4: Table 5: Table 6: Table 7: Table 8: Table 9: Table 10: Table 11: Table 12: Table 13: Table 14: Table 15: Table 16: Table 17: Table 18: Table 19: Table 20: Table 21: Table 22: Table 23: Table 24: Table 25: Table 26: Anaemia Benign Prostate Hypertrophy Bronchial Asthma Cancer of the Skin Cancer of the Cervix Cholera Dysentery Enteric Fever Epilepsy Amenorrhea Helminthiasis Hepatitis Hypertension Impotence Lung Cancer Malaria Meningitis Otitis Media Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases Peptic Ulcer Pneumonia Summary of the Disease Statistics Human Anatomical Parts Definitions. The Systemic Physiological Functions of the Body Relationship between Body Structures Physiology and Disease Processes.

List of Graphs Graph No 1 Summary of the Disease Statistics Graph No 2 Human Anatomical Parts Definitions Graph No 3 The Systemic Physiological Functions of The Body Graph No 4 Relationship between Body Structures Physiology and Disease Processes


DEFINITIONS OF CONCEPTS 1. Same as Modern Medical Practice: At least 4 key signs and symptoms same THPs definitions, justifying initiation of treatment. 2. Completely different from Modern Medical Practice: Signs and Symptoms completely different from MMP to justify the initiation of treatment. 3. Need confirmation from Modern Medical Practice: Signs and Symptoms not able to justify initiation of treatment. 4. Human anatomical Parts definitions. a. SIMILAR to MMPs: Most of the key parts of the body that are known to the Modern Medical Practitioners could be identified by the Local THPs. b. SOME Similarity: The THP could identify some Anatomical parts that are similar to Modern Medical Practitioners. c. NOT similar to MMPs: Not any similarity between THPs Anatomical parts definitions with the Modern Medical Practitioners. 5. Understanding of the Systemic...
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